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Food and Supplements

Witaminy i grejpfruta

Knowledge. Quality. Commitment.

We help entities operating in the food market to identify and solve problems at every stage of their activity, from regulations concerning production, distribution, presentation and advertising, to relations with regulators, competitors and consumers.

How can we help you?

Manufacturing / Food safety and quality

  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP).

  • Food contact materials (packaging).

  • Food composition.

  • Food enrichment.

  • Contamination of food products.

Proper legal qualification

  • Borderline products.

  • Dietary supplements.

  • Infant formulas and follow-on formulas.

  • Processed cereal products and other baby food.

  • Food for special medical purposes.

  • Total diet replacement foods for weight control.

  • Umbrella brands.

Labelling and presentation

  • Compliance of the marking with legal regulations.

  • Risk of misleading the consumer.

  • Nutrition claims.

  • Health claims.


  • Comprehensive legal support in conducting advertising campaigns.

  • Legal evaluation of marketing materials.

  • Drafting contracts with service providers, support in negotiations.

  • Advice on umbrella branding.

  • Advice on the protection of personal data.


  • Responsibility of the manufacturer, importer, distributor.

  • Preparation and negotiation of distribution, agency, license and other commercial agreements.

  • Consultancy in the field of pricing policy, discount and loyalty programs.


Relations with control and supervision authorities

  • Representation in proceedings before the Sanitary Inspection, IJHARS, IH, the Veterinary Inspection and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in official proceedings regarding:

    • the correctness of labelling and marketing message,

    • adulteration of the product,

    • recall of the product from the market and liability for the counterfeit / dangerous product,

    • abuse of a dominant position or carrying out cartel activities,,

    • application of unfair market practices or practices violating collective consumer interests.

Relationships with competitors and consumers

  • Disputes with competitors:

    • within the scope of infringement of trademark rights or other rights on intangible property,

    • in the field of acts of unfair competition,

    • in the field of unauthorized imitation of products,

    • in the field of industry codes.

  • Disputes with consumers.

  • Management of consumer complaints and compensation claims.

  • Conducting proceedings regarding product liability.

  • Protection of personal rights.

  • Management of crisis situations.



  • Representing industry organizations in the legislative process.

  • Legislative monitoring.

  • Creating reports and position papers.

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