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A step towards standardization of use of "Pharmacy for Pharmacist".

The Supreme Administrative Court issued two judgments on the application of the provisions of the so-called "Pharmacies for Pharmacists" (ADA) regarding permits to run generally accessible pharmacies issued before the entry into force of the amendment to the Pharmaceutical Law.

The Supreme Administrative Court agreed with the applicant pharmacy company and #PharmaNET, stressing that Art. 99 sec. 4 of the Pharmaceutical Law in the wording given by the ADA does not prevent the change of the pharmacy authorization issued before the entry into force of the amendment, in a situation where "non-pharmacists" joined the company while it was in force. The NSA decided that this was determined by inter-temporal provisions (Article 2 (2) ADA).

The rulings are # groundbreaking - for the first time, the Supreme Administrative Court made a substantive opinion on the application of ADA to old permits. PharmaNET, represented by advocates Marcin Tomasik and Filip Gołba, participated in the proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court from the very beginning.


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