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Disputes and crisis situations

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Knowledge. Quality. Commitment.

We advise in the event of disputes and in crisis situations, offering an understanding of the PR context, quick response and proficiency in civil, criminal and administrative procedures.

How can we help you?

Substantive support and legal representation:

  • Court proceedings in commercial matters.

  • Administrative proceedings before supervisory authorities.

  • Court and administrative proceedings before the Provincial Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

  • Court proceedings related to acts of unfair competition regarding the protection of intellectual property rights, product liability.

  • Group proceedings (collective actions).

Comprehensive advice on crisis situations:

  • Representing the company in relations with consumers or patients.

  • Management of claims of natural persons in relation to product defects.

  • Legal support in withdrawing a product from the market.

  • Representing the company in relations with supervisory authorities.

  • Representing the company in relations with contractors and insurers.

  • Support in criminal proceedings (as company representatives or defence lawyers) in connection with allegations of unethical and illegal activity.

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