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Sanatorium & Spas

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Spa communes

  • Granting the status of a spa protection area.

  • Confirming the healing properties of natural resources.

  • Rules for confirming the healing properties of the climate.

  • Collection of tourist tax from people in spa hospitals.

  • Location and operation of spa treatment facilities.

  • Local spatial development plans.

  • Restrictions on investments in spa areas: industrial plants, commercial facilities, parking lots, mobile phone stations, drainage works, felling trees.

  • Obtaining mineral resources other than natural medicinal raw materials.

The health resort commune in the environmental protection system

  • Air quality assessment.

  • Noise standards.

  • Local fees.

  • Spa fees.

  • Fees for the exploitation of underground and medicinal water sources.

  • Concessions for the extraction of waters classified as minerals.

  • Qualification of wastewater discharged by health resorts.

  • Technical infrastructure in the field of water and sewage management, energy, collective transport, waste management.

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