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Our services

We specialize in advising entities from regulated industries (pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional, environmental protection) and the media world.  We provide regulatory and compliance advice, as well as assist in disputes and crisis situations by offering knowledge  PR context, speed of reaction and proficiency in procedures.

We support both entrepreneurs and industry organizations. We provide services to large corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies. We can help you too!

Hands holding a vaccine vial and a syringe with rows of the same capsules and a flag of Po

Medicinal products

Medical Products.png

Medical devices and IVD

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Facilities and e-health



Turbiny Zielonej Energii

Environmental Protection



Image by Diana Polekhina

Food and Supplements

Image by Adem AY

Advertising and Marketing

plan filmowy

Film and media

Nożyczki i taśma klejąca


Spotkanie biznesowe przez okno

Crisis situations

teczka 06 2019_tlo_www_2_duze_edited.jpg
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